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For all you Halloween Fanatics....this will be a review and links site of the Best Haunted Houses in the country that my wife Lisa and I have had the pleasure - or displeasure - of gracing....

I've been a *huge* Halloween and horror fan since I can remember...I dunno...it just brings the kid in me out...by the end of September, our place is suitably adorned and we await each weekend with anticipation of which haunts to hit next....

We've been blessed enough to be able to travel quite a bit around the country and see some wonderful attractions and the cities they lurk in...and we're hoping to pass on the fun we've had on to anyone willing to listen in....

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

TRANSWORLD 2013 - St. Louis, MO

What can I say that hasn't been said countless times already? 

Suffice it to say, if you haven't been to one of these, do so! The creme de la creme of haunting conventions. 

Aside from that, I'll let the pictures do the talking this month...

Next time around, it's a look at the recent HorrorHound Convention in Cincinatti and a whole lot of others we've been to as well... 

(L to R) Denhaunt, Johnny Thunder, Chris Baker, Revenant
and little old me

My Lisa "Dark Angel" and I at the HAUNTCAST booth, thanks to Chris Baker

Another nice shot of us a the booth, thanks to Terra

 Rev with Terra & her Significant Other..

My Baby and Mr. Terhune...always a gentleman...

And at long last, I got to meet the infamous Terra - and what sweetheart she is!

 The One and Only Chris Ainsworth!!!!

Our bud, Mike Jones!!!

Victor Bariteau

And let's hear it for some of our sponsors:



And a BIG "THANK YOU" to these three gentleman who sponsored the HAUNTCAST/SHOCKTAIL HOUR PARTY that Friday Night:

(L to R)
Robert Santos of Necortic Creations
Brent Ross of DC Props  and
Vince Camerano of Master Fog

(...not sure who the ugly little dude is on the far left, however...)

Many thanks, gentleman!

By way of a personal endorsement here - if you're looking for some terrific finishing touch mantle pieces, sills and corbels, head on over to Evil Architecture - there stuff is just *stunning*!  

....see what I mean...?

Quite a few of the fourth season of the ScyFy channel's FACEOFF show were there as well, and all were great to talk and hang with...

Lisa with S4 winner Anthony
Lisa with Alam
Lisa with Megan
House and I
 House and his partner Beki were there to promote their joint venture with one Robert Kurtzman...

Behold, I give you 

Add to that, we met panel judge Glen Hetrick, who was there to promote his new company,
Royal Creature Society...

We were also very lucky to meet up with Ed and Marsha Edumunds of Distortions Unlimited and the the Travel Channel's MAKING MONSTERS...both were very kind and answered  all of our questions with genuine interest and were most helpful...great people!

Guess who else was there? 
Butch Patrick a.k.a. Eddie Munster!

Also in attendance was one Dee Wallace, who featured in so many films that I grew up on - The Howling, E.T., Cujo, Critters, The Frighteners, Rob Zombie's Halloween...one feisty lady, too, I must say!

Lisa got herself made up as a vampire during the show...nice job...of course, right afterwards, she tried to take a bite out of me!!!! Mr. Terhune seemed to approve, however!

Finally, here's a splattering of some of the stuff on the floor...

The lion's share of the photos are on the Hauntcast Minions page:

 *and* my own Facebook page as well...

See ya' at Transworld 2014!

 Our very good friend and "daughter" Celeste in great form...

Wings don't fail me now!!!!

...words fail me...

Until next time!

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