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For all you Halloween Fanatics....this will be a review and links site of the Best Haunted Houses in the country that my wife Lisa and I have had the pleasure - or displeasure - of gracing....

I've been a *huge* Halloween and horror fan since I can remember...I dunno...it just brings the kid in me out...by the end of September, our place is suitably adorned and we await each weekend with anticipation of which haunts to hit next....

We've been blessed enough to be able to travel quite a bit around the country and see some wonderful attractions and the cities they lurk in...and we're hoping to pass on the fun we've had on to anyone willing to listen in....

Thursday, September 27, 2012

NETHERWORLD - Where Monsters Dwell


Alright for this Halloween special, to Atlanta, Georgia,  we go - to visit Netherworld, one of the biggest and best of all the major haunts across the country...

Their website is www.fearworld.com and they actually have TWO Facebook pages...ya' just can't keep a good monster down....

In the last few years, Hauntworld magazine has rated them the #1 haunted house in America, Fangoria oozed tons of praise all over them, they've been featured on the Today show, CNN, The Early Show, USA Today, the Travel Channel, America Haunts, Cartoon Network, MTVClutch, and even Good Morning America.

There are two sections to Netherworld - the Main Attraction and the Secondary - the main being the larger, more traditional haunt, while the secondary smaller spot goes more for the blood-and-gore fans.

These guys know a thing or two about making monsters - you'll bump into every creature you could imagine - and then some - and they're just beautifully developed and rendered - vampires, zombies, mummies, werewolves- and the sets are just amazing, between home grown craftsmanship to the custom designed, this thing is amazing, with all sorts of surprises - things have the habit of just coming out of the walls!

Is this safe for kids? The secondary, gorier haunt, no way. As for the main event, it's big, long, and dark and the atmosphere will freak little ones out - heck, I saw a few of the adults loose their marbles in there!

Be aware that these haunts requires a bit of physical activity - in particular the secondary attraction - be prepared to do a bit of squeezing, stretching and maybe even a little crawling on your hands and knees. 

BTW, if you like your rock and roll live and loud and late nite, I highly recommend checking out a local club called The Masquerade....check 'em out at www.masqueradeatlanta.com

When all is said and done,  really, this is one of the *best* places for a Halloween treat - truly the place where monsters dwell.

My son, Mike and my wife, Lisa, circa 2008

Lisa and I circa 2008



Was it something I said???? 2010
Lisa and an old friend....2010

Business snafu.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

FOYS OF FAIRBORN - The Town Halloween Built....

Hello all -

Not going to say too much here, but give props to Foy's Halloween Store(s) of Fariborn, OH - the town that lives from the Spooky Season - check out their website here:


...and their Facebook page here:


I'm going to let the pictures do the talking this time....suffice it to say, several major Halloween stores, sponsored Halloween parades, Zombie Walks, plus the late, great Miami Valley Ohio horror show host legend Dr. Creep (Barry Hobart) made annual appearances there...

...check it out - you won't be disappointed....

(All photos presented here were taken between 2003 and 2011)

The late Dr. Creep and I, October 2010.... 

 Our Godkids, Bonnie and Shaun, October 2010....

The Vysther Family Crest, purchased at Foy's!

 Annoying brat at Zombie Walk 2011....

 Lisa, Bonnie, Shaun, October 2011

BTW, did I neglect to mention my Lisa made ***FRONT PAGE*** of the Dayton Daily News' Arts & Entertainment section on October 16, 2011, for her make-up from the zombie walk...?