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For all you Halloween Fanatics....this will be a review and links site of the Best Haunted Houses in the country that my wife Lisa and I have had the pleasure - or displeasure - of gracing....

I've been a *huge* Halloween and horror fan since I can remember...I dunno...it just brings the kid in me out...by the end of September, our place is suitably adorned and we await each weekend with anticipation of which haunts to hit next....

We've been blessed enough to be able to travel quite a bit around the country and see some wonderful attractions and the cities they lurk in...and we're hoping to pass on the fun we've had on to anyone willing to listen in....

Friday, January 17, 2014

FEAR FAIR - Seymour, Indiana's Cinematic Nightmare



This month, we're off to Seymour, Indiana, to take a look at one of the best movie themed tribute haunts the Midwest has to offer - I'm talking about Fear Fair and they are quite aptly named...

 Brett Hays, the owner of Fear Fair, was kind of enough to have an extended email exchange with me and filled me in on a few particulars about the haunt...

For starters, the primary point about Fear Fair is that their movie scenes are on 
an entirely different level than most haunts.  

One of the things that people wrongly assume is that the focus on movie scenes 
means they lower quality, intensity, insert your adjective. 

The personal goal is for their show to be trump Universal Halloween Horror 
Nights, and quite a few guests who have attended both events claim they've 
achieved that. 

Universal has a larger budget, obviously, but they also have the restrictions of 
designing for massive throughput, being mild enough in their scares for a general 

Fear Fair isn’t limited in those areas and capitalize on it. 

They're billed as a hard PG13 attraction and work within that scope.

Another thing they don’t tend to super publicize is their charity status.   

People tend to make negative assumptions about the quality of your show based on 
that, so it's played down.

On the flipside. they've been able to build two playgrounds for children and  
equip the entire police forces of two communities with emergency defibrillators 
in recent years.   

I could say they really do scare because we care, but I think that's been done...

Next time, it's a bonanza of haunts from the Buckeye State as we ravage Ohio with the Ghostly Manor Thrill Center in Sandusky and the Dent Schoolhouse in Cincinnati!



Also worthy of note in Indianapolis, Indiana are these guys....




....and nearby in Petersburg, Kentucky is this lovely spot...



Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wilmington. Ohio's HAUNTED HOLLOW RIDE....plus a look back at Halloween Season 2013


The small community of Southern Ohio, the boondocks of - and I mean that literally - Wilmington, a quiet little rural area that's not quite part of Dayton, yet not entirely of Cincinnati - holds an eerie secret...that town's namesake Haunted Hollow Ride....

The attraction has been around for over a decade in one form or another - I think our last visit was somewhere in the neighborhood of 2006 or 7...until we popped in on a whim one Saturday night this past season, and, my how times have changed!

The Haunted Hollow has grown from the basic hayride of sorts to a multi-haunt attraction with a very strong fan base.

There are three sections - the first is the main tour, in which large groups board old school buses with the roofing removed take you on a lengthy journey through a trial infested with creatures of all kinds...

There are also two stand alone haunts - The Slaughter Hotel and the Nightmare Penitentiary - full of twists, turns and terrors of all kinds - the Hotel being the more traditional type of haunted house, while the Penitentiary lives up to it's name with a hellish prison theme....of the two, I prefer the Hotel, but that's just personal taste...

Be aware this is more of a family oriented attraction, and, with the aim on said market, there is minimal gore, and things are played on a relatively moderate keel...

Next, it's off to Seymour, Indiana to visit Fear Fair, a horror-movie tribute site with a difference and....ahhh....BITE!



...and just a few shots from our exploits in the 2013 Haunting Season, whihc included visitis to The Baxter Avenue Morgue in Kouisiville, KY, the Industrial Terorplex in Jacksonville, Ind, and the Woodland Cemetery in Dayton, OH along with our godkids Bonnie and Shaun.....pretty self-explanatory...

Must give proper kudos and thanks to Marc Meader of the Springboro haunted Hayride and Jason Besseman of the Devil's Attic for their wonderful hospitality towards myself and my family on our visits this year...thanks ever-so-much, gentleman - truly appreciated!!!



And for you Godzilla lovers out there - check THESE guys out - great podcast with Kaiju of their minds!!!!