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For all you Halloween Fanatics....this will be a review and links site of the Best Haunted Houses in the country that my wife Lisa and I have had the pleasure - or displeasure - of gracing....

I've been a *huge* Halloween and horror fan since I can remember...I dunno...it just brings the kid in me out...by the end of September, our place is suitably adorned and we await each weekend with anticipation of which haunts to hit next....

We've been blessed enough to be able to travel quite a bit around the country and see some wonderful attractions and the cities they lurk in...and we're hoping to pass on the fun we've had on to anyone willing to listen in....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Halloween 2012 - A Look Back

2012 shall soon be history...*sigh*...but that means 2013 brings *another* haunting season! 

*jumps for joy*
In the meantime, here's some of the photos we took from our return trips to the USS Nightmare, Dead Acres a.k.a The Haunted Hoochie, and the final season of Dream Reapers in Chicago...not to mention a look at a local event here in Dayton (duplicated in many cities across the USA) called "The Pumpkin Glow" - an outdoor exhibit that boasts 700 lit, individually carved Jack O Lanterns...

In January, we'll resume the reviews, starting with another southern Ohio legend, the Lewisburg Haunted Caves.
 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone! 

Our annual Halloween Portrait, courtesy of Mr. Allen Rizzo

The Groovie Ghoulie of the Haunted Hoochie!
Chicago Haunt Legend Dream Reapers - 2000 - 2012

 Your illustrious host on the job....

 Most encouraging!

 My old friend John makes a new fiend...errr...friend!!!
 The outfit responsible for all the wall art:

 Pants on the ground?

Kathy and Lisa

....and from the Dayton OH Pumpkin Glow 2012...

More info to be found here:


And they even have a Facebook page:


And finally, a hearty get well to Rich Koz a.k.a. Chicago Horror host Legend Svengoolie, 
recuperating from a heart attack this past November...

I've been watching Rich since he first appear on WFLD-TV on June 16, 1979 - the day after my twelfth birthday - speedy recovery and many more years to you, sir!

Happy to announce Rich is home from the hospital this November 27th! A very Merry Christmas indeed! We love ya' Sven!

(found this out on the 'Net - it ain't mine, but it fits!)

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